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From finding quality talent to designing an efficient recruitment funnel, our assessments for the BPM industry ensure that you get the right people on board.


The BPM industry has a unique challenge of not requiring its workforce to possess any particular higher education to succeed in a job role. While the addressable supply of candidates for BPOs is 4 million+ across the world, finding employable candidates still remains a huge challenge for any BPM company.

The Call Centre Industry in Philippines, the call centre hub of the world is expected to reach 1.3 million in 2016.


AMCAT suite for BPM not just helps in evaluating a candidates’ employability but also helps in predicting his/her trainability by analysing his/her soft skills. AMCAT is available in multiple languages across geographies and is normed on the local population. While cognitive skills and personality traits would be automatic choices for pre-hiring assessment, it has been well established that language skills are crucial to success in BPM roles. Aspiring Minds SVAR acts as a very powerful tool in meeting the specific sourcing requirements of this industry. VAR is Aspiring Minds' spoken English assessment that uses advanced voice synthesis technology and accurate predicts a candidate's spoken English skills on a variety of parameters like pronunciation, fluency, listening and language anticipation and spoken comprehension skills. It is a very powerful tool and finds immense usage in the call centre industry where spoken English is an invincible parameter. SVAR is available in multiple variants suiting demographic requirements and normed on the local population. It follows international standards of reliability and is validated on industry benchmarks.

Here’s a sample list of our assessment modules for AMCAT for BPM:

• AMCAT English Comprehension • SVAR • Basic Computer Literacy • Customer Service Situational Judgment Test • Sales Competency Test • Collections • Content Management • Data Entry • Domestic Voice • IT Helpdesk • Domestic Non-voice

We recommend a combination of these plug and play modules depending on the job role and targeted supply. AMCAT for BPM has been used successfully to hire talent for all kinds of roles including voice, finance and accounting, customer support, technical support, collections, out bound sales, data entry, transaction, etc.


The AMCAT suite for the BPM industry has been benchmarked against actual floor performance of call centre agents. Specific modules and sub traits show strong correlation to performance ensuring effective prediction of performance across profiles.

According to an Aspiring Minds study, less than 11% of all graduates interested in the BPO industry are employable or trainable for the sector. The latter is more daunting since trainability is hard to predict .


AMCAT certified candidate database together with on-campus delivery of AMCAT for the BPM industry provides a complete sourcing solution for corporate companies. It can be combined with the organization’s entry level campus hiring program and deployed across the world for on-campus assessment.


AMCAT for BPM powers the recruitment of some of the largest call centre companies in the world. We are fully equipped to hold a proctored assessment in any part of the world for our clients. What’s more, with the advanced voice signature feature of SVAR we can evaluate the spoken English of a large number of candidates and that too remotely from anywhere in the world. Available over IVR, the tool can act as the back bone of any large BPO recruitment strategy.

Administering AMCAT results in 48% reduction in low performers for large BPM giant.


A benchmarking study done with one of the largest Global BPM giant showed that SVAR could identify candidates with good spoken English when benchmarked against the evaluation done by voice trainers, with classification accuracy of 92%.

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